Decorative Woven Bamboo 6-Panel Room Divider Screen

Standing at nearly 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide, this woven bamboo screen provides excellent separation to help define functional spaces in large rooms, or offer a dramatic decorative backdrop to easily transform blank wall spaces. The woven screen provides privacy while allowing some light to pass through, keeping both sides of the screen bright and inviting. The sheer and airy look is perfect for separating entry and living spaces while the light natural color blends well with a wide range of decors.

Product Features:

  • The woven bamboo panels provide semi-privacy while keeping both sides of divider bright and inviting
  • The room divider folds up with panels stacked for compact storage
  • This bamboo panel screen provides a 6-foot tall room divider with 6 woven bamboo panels
  • A large space divider, with nearly 10-feet in width provides an exceptional solution for dividing large spaces

Approximate Dimensions: 70.9 H × 118.1 W × 0.7 Panel Thickness (in inches