Black Metal Chicken Wire Mail Sorter w/ Chalkboard Label

Perfect for rustic home decor or country-themed businesses, this wall-mounted or desktop mail sorter gets letters to the right family member or employee while complementing farm-inspired design. The tiered design keeps letters easily accessible in both compartments, while the chalkboard label holders can hold printed paper labels or display employee or family member names in chalk for a rustic shop look. Also useful as a desktop inbox and outbox, this chicken-wire letter sorter brings a touch of charm to keeping work or household mail moving smoothly.

Product Features:

  • Farmhouse style black metal chicken wire stationery organizer with 2 compartments and erasable chalkboard label
  • Freestanding and wall-mountable design provides versatility for home or office
  • Perfect for organizing and sorting mail, letters, documents and file folders
  •  Office supplies not included
  • Dimensions (in inches): 10 H × 10.2 W × 5.9 L
Regular Price, $31.99