18 Pair Black Metal Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer Rack

Lots of shoes and no space? We have the solution! This wall mounted shoe organizer holds up to 18 pairs of shoes.

Featuring 6 tiers which room for 3 pairs of shoes each, the black metal rack allows you to store a substantial collection of footwear in a compact space. Offering easy access to all your shoes and boots, it maximizes unused wall space.

The unique concept allows to store shoes with toes up to allow gravity to preserve their shape. The bottom tier holds 3 pairs of boots in an inverted position to prevent creasing of tall boot shafts. Keep your favorite shoes at hand for work, the gym, or an evening out on the town.

Black metal fits well with any kind of home decor style!

Product Features:

  • Wall-mounted black metal footwear rack with 5 tiers for shoes and 1 bottom tier for boots
  • Designed with 30 wire loop-style hooks that can hold up to 15 pairs of shoes in 5 horizontal rows of 6 each
  • Features additional hooks at the bottom to hold 3 pairs of boots inverted to prevent creasing of boot shafts
  • Keeps shoes and boots properly stored, and visible and accessible for easy selection
  • Shoes and boots not included

  • Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 55.1 H × 28.7 W × 6.1 D.

Regular Price, $115.99