Brown Wood and Black Metal Pool Cue Stick Holder, Ball Holder, and Triangle Rack Hook Organizer Stand

Elevate your game room with this freestanding billiards equipment storage rack, blending rustic charm with urban flair. Crafted with a matte black metal pipework frame and burnt brown solid wood shelves, it's a must-have for cue sports enthusiasts. Secure up to 6 cues on the top board's 1.5-inch-wide holes, while the bottom shelf features grooved trays for pool balls. The design also includes a cutout slot for the racking triangle, ensuring easy access to all essentials. Perfect for home game rooms, recreational halls, or local bars, this organizer adds both style and functionality to every cue sports experience.

Product Features:

Freestanding billiards storage rack with matte black metal pipework and burnt solid wood frame for cue sports equipment organization near gaming tables. Assembly required.

All-in-one storage stand organizes cue sticks, balls, and triangle rack, creating an aesthetic display ready for pool, carom billiards, or snooker.

Top board features 1.5-inch-wide cutout holes for secure storage of up to 6 cues; bottom board with grooves keeps them neatly standing.

Store pool balls in three rows of grooved trays on the lower shelf; triangle rack fits into the top cutout slot, making it ideal for game rooms, recreational halls, bars, or home garages/basements. Gaming equipment not included.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 20.7 L x 12.4 W x 25.9 H; Cue Holders - 1.6 Diameter; Triangle Rack Slot - 11.0 L x 1.6 W; Each Ball Tray - 13.7 L x 1.6 W (in inches)

Regular Price, $83.99