Decorative Birds Garden Design Ceramic Green Serving Bowl Decorative Dish

This whimsical garden-inspired serving bowl is designed to look like 2 birds perched over a curled leaf shaped bowl. This bowl can be used to serve snacks, candy, and fruit or can be filled with scented potpourri and displayed as a decorative accent. This charming bowl can also be used as a jewelry holder as an accent on your dresser or in your bathroom.

Product Features:

  • Add a touch of rustic garden-style charm to your home with this garden-inspired serving bowl
  • The bowl is designed to look like 2 birds are perching over a rounded leaf
  • This dish is perfect for use as a centerpiece, a decorative accent, jewelry holder, or a serving bowl for candy or snacks
  • A lovely versatile accent, this bowl will bring whimsy to any kitchen, bedroom or office

Approximate Dimensions (in inches):

  • Overall - 6.3 L x 6.3 W x 2.5 H
Regular Price, $18.99