Desktop Storage Organizer, Dark Gray Acrylic Over Keyboard Office Desk Flow Tray

Elevate your workspace with this chic dark gray acrylic desk organizer. It's not just a tray; it's a productivity powerhouse. Seven compartments, including holders for sticky notes, pens, and smartphone stands, keep your essentials close at hand. Two catchall spaces add versatility. The burnt brown solid wood legs provide a stylish contrast, and the attachable cable organizer keeps things tidy. Perfect for offices, studies, or dorms, this organizer enhances efficiency without sacrificing style.

Product Features:

The dark gray acrylic tray saves desk space, offering room for essentials while keeping surfaces clear.

With burnt brown solid wood legs, it blends style and function seamlessly.

Seven compartments hold everything, from sticky notes to mugs, and even includes smartphone stands.

The tray's 2-inch clearance and attachable cable organizer keep your setup clutter-free. Plus, it comes with 4 bottom foot pads.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 20.6 L x 5.1 W x 3.7 H; Space Underneath Shelf - 19.7 L x 5.1 W x 2.0 H; Compartments - 0.8 D (in inches)

Regular Price, $36.99