Dragon Guard Castle Decorative Resin Bookends, Stone Colored Pencil Holders

Add fantasy-themed decor and storage to your home or office with these dragon guard castle figurine bookends. Each bookend features a meticulously crafted resin dragon and castle, ideal for display with your books, magazines, and DVD collection. The resin castle is also able to store pens, pencils, and other small office supplies. Showcase these dragon bookends proudly on your desk, table, counter top or mantle.

Product Features:

  • Each castle can be used to store pencils, pens, and other small office supplies
  • Small in size, these are ideal for placement on desk, table, bookshelf, and counter top
  • This set of 2 dragon guard castle decorative bookends is ideal for complementing fantasy themed decors
  • These bookends can be used to hold up books, magazines, files, and DVDs

Approximate Dimensions: 5.5 L x 4.25 W x 6.0 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $33.99