Expandable Freestanding Brown Wood Garden Fence Plant Screen

This extendable wood garden trellis will add decorative charm and functional fencing to your garden. The expandable design allows you to extend the fence to many different widths, making this trellis ideal for dividing garden beds as a plant screen. This freestanding fence eliminates the need for digging and will look excellent in any garden setting.

Product Features:

  • The fence’s extendable frame allows you to adjust up to 51-inches wide without the use of tools
  • Made of thick anti-corrosion wood, the plant screen is durable in sun and rain exposure
  • The decorative diamond pattern on this expandable trellis is perfect for growing climbing plants like ivy or climbing roses
  • **Not intended for use as a gate for children and/or pets**

Approximate Dimensions: 51.3 L x 15.0 W x 48.4 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $59.99