Freestanding Wood Framed Chalkboard Sign, Sidewalk A-Frame Chalk Sandwich Board

Use this freestanding A-frame chalkboard sign to share messages with customers and party guests. The rustic-style, torched wood frame and dark blackboard surface provides perfect contrast for white and colored chalk. This double-sided sandwich board sign allows you to write or draw on both sides for increased visibility.

Product Features:

  • With an erasable chalkboard on each side, this blackboard is excellent for use with white or colored chalk
  • To ensure the sign maintains its structure and does not overextend its opening, there is a strap connecting the bottom center of each side of the sandwich board
  • This freestanding chalkboard sign features a rustic-style wood frame
  • Not intended for use with liquid chalk markers

Approximate Dimensions: 19.75 W X 30 H X 1 D (in inches)

Regular Price, $52.99