Galvanized Silver Metal Utensil Caddy with Copper Tone Edges & Wood Handle

With rustic galvanized metal, 4 compartments, and a sturdy wood handle, this utensil caddy will make sure you are ready for entertaining and day to day dining!

This basket adds unique farmhouse-style design to any space, while enable you to carry condiments, flatware, and more easy from room to room. Whether used to keep flatware accessible at your dining table, at a picnic, in a restaurant or cafe setting, or even to organize beauty products in your bathroom: This utensil caddy is an essential serving accessory!

Product Features:

  • Galvanized silver metal kitchen utensil caddy with copper tone edges and rustic wood handle perfect for carrying utensils in your home kitchen, picnic, or cafe environment
  • Great for storing flatware, condiments, napkins and paper plates
  • Handle allows basket to be easily carried from room to room
  • Galvanized silver metal and copper tone edges seamlessly incorporates into rustic and country-themed decors
  • Dimensions (in inches): 11.25 W x 8.25 D x 8.75 H
Regular Price, $24.99