Gray Wood 2-Tier Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Storage Rack

Enjoy your wine in classic vineyard style, storing your stemware properly to avoid damage to your finest wine glasses. This rustic wine glass holder stores glasses upside down, keeping dust from settling inside them. The stemware is kept separated and is suspended from the strongest part of the glass: the base. Mount this rack to your wall in the bar or kitchen as it makes for an attractive, elegant display. H

old up to 8 standard wine glasses, or a mix of Burgundy, Zinfandel, port, sherry, champagne or other glasses with this versatile rack. The narrow 0.55-inch slots widen to 0.85 inch to secure the base of the glass for safe storage, storing delicate glasses safely while introducing rustic charm to your home. Stemware not included

Product Features:

  • Store any combination of wine glasses including Burgundy, Zinfandel, rose, port, sherry, and Bordeaux glasses, and champagne flutes with this rack
  • Great for hanging on your wall at home, as well as any bar, winery or restaurant
  • This wooden stemware rack features 2-tiers in a rustic graywashed wood finish.
  • The inverted storage rack holds 8 wine glasses in an upside-down position for quick drying and dust-free bowls (stemware not included).

Approximate Dimensions: 16.9 L x 5.4 W x 15 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $26.99