Gray Wood Collection Donation Box with Lock and Wire Front Panel, Tips, Votes, Suggestion Box with Chalkboard Sign

Collect donations or suggestions in style with this vintage gray wood, lockable collection box. Use as a donation box for a church, charity event, or fundraiser, or gather contributions at a wedding or graduation party. Collect tips in a café or restaurant setting, or use as a suggestion or comment box in an office or business environment. The wide top slot provides a way to easily collect and deposit contents while the square metal mesh front panel allows you to easily view how full the box is along with the items and contents inside. A lockable hinged back panel and 2 included keys keep the contents securely locked inside. The top angled erasable chalkboard sign panel lets you clearly label the intention of the box or highlight the event with customize messages or personalize with artwork. A stylish addition to any event, this wooden collection box will fashionably store and collect donations, votes or contributions.

Product Features:

  • Front square metal mesh window panel allows you to easily view how full the box is and the items and contents inside
  • Wide top slot for easily depositing of contents, use as a suggestion box in an office or business environment, and also for depositing tips and donations for a restaurant, café, church, fund raiser, or wedding
  • Vintage gray wood suggestion and donations collection box with lockable hinged back panel and square wire mesh front panel keeps any contents securely inside. Includes 2 keys
  • Top angled, erasable chalkboard surface allows you to clearly label the contents of the box with personalized messages or artwork. Includes regular chalk

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 6.9 L x 6.0 W x 7.6 H; Top Slot - 4.0 L x 0.3 W; Chalkboard Surface - 5.2 L x 3.3 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $20.99