Paneled Black Frame Freestanding Room Divider Bamboo Folding Privacy Screen with Dual Sided Asian Mountain & Waterfall

Step into the world of this vintage-inspired Asian landscape, where tradition meets timeless elegance, printed on this versatile 4-panel freestanding wooden room divider. A striking piece that stands nearly 6 feet tall, this bamboo folding screen is graced with an ancient Asian mountain and waterfall print and a message of prosperity rendered in elegant, brushed calligraphy. Crafted with four foldable panels, elegantly linked by double swing metal hinges, this partition adapts seamlessly to surroundings, accommodating spaces of varying dimensions. When not in use, simply fold it down into a single stack of panels for convenient storage. The woven paneling, composed of tightly comb plaited bamboo strips, showcases dual-sided artwork. Get captivated by the misty mountaintop rock formations and the running water depicted in monochromatic shades with subtle color highlights. The bold brushstrokes of Asian writing adds an extra layer of sophistication and cultural charm. The durable solid pine wood frame is finished in a sleek black, complementing a wide range of interior styles and lending an air of refinement. Whether used as a dressing area blind, a window covering, or to delineate office cubicles or separated rooms, this decorative screen effortlessly integrates oriental art into any decor. Consider this privacy shade as a thoughtful gift, bringing a Zen aesthetic to any space and creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Unveil the serenity of fog enveloped mountains and cascading waterfalls with this traditional Asian masterpiece into any home or office and experience its transformative beauty.

Product Features:

This freestanding wooden room divider stands nearly 6 feet tall with a print of a traditional Asian-inspired landscape painting and a message of prosperity in brushed calligraphy

4 foldable panels are linked by double swing metal hinges that allow effortless movement in both directions to accommodate almost any space; fold the privacy partition down to a single stack of panels for easy storage

Woven paneling of tightly comb plaited bamboo strips features dual-sided artwork of foggy mountaintop rock formations and scenic misting waterfalls in monochromatic shades with subtle color highlights and bold Asian calligraphy

Durable solid pine wood frame of this folding screen has a sleek black finish that blends with a wide range of interior styles, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dressing area, window covering, work cubicle, or sectioned off room

Approximate Dimensions: Overall Flat - 77 L x 0.8 W x 71 H; Each Panel - 19 L; Folded - 19 L x 3.2 W x 71 H; Feet - 2.7 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $241.99