Rustic Burnt Wood Tilted Desktop Bookshelf

This tilted bookshelf features a burnt wood finish will prominently display your favorite books and special editions. The rustic finish complements country- or vintage-themed decors, or adds an aged accent to any design scheme. The upward-canted angle allows for great visibility spine titles, and allows the stand to be used as a makeshift book cradle for reference books, or for cookbooks in the kitchen.

Product Features:

  • Use this bookshelf to store frequently used reference books, magazines or cookbooks in the kitchen
  • Place this shelf on your desk, dresser or countertop to help organize your favorite books or magazines in your home or office
  • This 16.5-inch tilted wooden tabletop bookshelf features a burnt wood finish
  • The desktop book rack has a unique upward-tilted design, making for easy access your books and magazines

SPECS: 13.5 H × 6.75 W × 10 L (in inches)

Regular Price, $36.99