Rustic Wood Chevrons, Multicolor, Set of 3

These multi-functional wall-mounted chevron signs will add vintage inspired decor to any space.

No matter if you use them to guide guests, as photo prop, or to add some vintage spice, this decorative wall art will easily elevate any wall. This set of 3 is easily mounted to almost any wall surface and can be installed any way you would like to. The whitewashed, blue, and gray-washed colors are a wonderful complement to farmhouse inspired, nautical, or rustic decor styles! 

Each arrow is individually made, colors and texture may vary.

Product Features:

  • Set of 3 wall-mounted wooden chevrons signs with a weathered finish
  • Distressed wood finish, and mixed colors, create a rustic look for your living room, nursery or bedroom
  • Chevrons can be used to point customers or guests to various facilities or decorative accents to wall collages
  • Each chevron has keyhole brackets for vertical or horizontal orientation
  • SPECS: 9.4 H X 9.4 W X 0.7 D (each chevron, in inches).
Regular Price, $18.99