Artificial Grass Plants in Square Clear Glass Pots with Faux Pebbles and Soil, Potted Greenery, Set of 2

Liven up interior spaces with no maintenance vibrant greenery with this set of 2 artificial grass plants in modern clear glass square pots. These decorative potted plants are beautifully made of natural-looking green plastic grass blades, providing the mood-lifting benefit of real grass. Featuring an aesthetic layered combination of faux pebbles and realistic soil clearly viewed through the glass pots, these ornamental plants display a contemporary boho chic look. No additional upkeep of watering or sunlight is needed for these ornamental plants, making them ideal for low light areas like bathrooms and busy environments such as office cubicles and indoor event venues. Add a touch of nature inside the home by placing these lifelike decorations on tables, countertops, wall shelving, windowsills, or mantels, or place them by the bath for a spa-like ambiance. Having the capability to reap the well-being benefits of real plants, these hypoallergenic grasses make a thoughtful gift for loved ones for any occasion.

Product Features:

  • Layered faux pebbles on top of realistic soil is purposely displayed through the clear glass square pot for a modern look
  • No sunlight or watering necessary to keep these fake plants looking fresh, ideal for low-light, indoor spaces and event decorations
  • This set of 2 artificial green grass plants in decorative square-shaped clear glass pots is great for tabletop décor
  • Contemporary potted greenery is beautifully made of natural-looking plastic grass blades for lifelike vibrancy

Approximate Dimensions: Each Plant Overall - 3.1 L x 3.1 W x 8.7 H; Glass Pots - 3.1 L x 3.1 W x 3.1 H; Base - 2.8 L x 2.8 W (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $25.99