Distressed Brown Wood Nesting Boxes, Storage Crates with Handles, Set of 2

Add this set of 2 nesting crates to your home for organizing tools, toys, books, and more. These stylish storage bins feature distressed, vintage style wood with slatted sides to add rustic style to your home. These functional crates feature 2 slot handles for easy transport and can be set side by side to create a stylish display or nestled to save space. Arrange the boxes in a stacked position for a unique, interesting twist to the standard shelf. Neatly place the crates on a shelf for better organization and storage to create a cleaner, tidier space. It is easy to carry these boxes with wood cutout handles, making them perfect for bringing beer, wine, food, or other household items around the house.   

Product Features:

  • Add convenient storage to your house by using these crates to organize small items on open shelving, countertops, or bathroom vanities
  • Create decorative displays with these stylish crates and make elegant settings for plants, pottery, or other decorative items
  • This set of 2 nesting wood crates with distressed brown finish create a rustic wood accent
  • Providing versatile storage, you can fill these crates with items like spices and condiments or pencils and folders and more

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 15.3 L × 9.5 W × 5 H; Small - 12.5 L × 6.75 W × 4.5 H

Regular Price, $35.99