Multi Colored Self-Watering Flower Pot (Blue, Yellow, White), Set of 3

These hanging planters are attractive, durable, and designed for easy care of outdoor plants and flowers. Self-watering and in three vibrant colors, these unique pots are perfect for adding an accent to porches, patios, and verandas.

The plastic material won't chip or break and maintains its color when left out in the elements. A perforated insert suspends the soil above the bottom of the planter: allowing excess water to be placed in the planter to hydrate the soil as needed while avoiding root saturation. A drain plug on the bottom of the planter can be opened to drain excess water after heavy rainfall, making these plastic pots well-suited to semi-exposed settings such as eaves or decks. Creating easy plant care and offering durability, these planters are perfect for adding beautiful floral decor to outdoor living spaces. **Plants not included.**

Product Features:

  • Holding soil above the bottom of the pot, a perforated insert allows excess water to hydrate soil as needed
  • A drain plug on the bottom of the planter allows for easy draining of excess water after heavy rainfall
  • The set of vibrant and colorful (blue, yellow and white) self-watering plastic planters are held up with metal hanging chains
  • Plastic pots are lightweight and resist damage from sun, rain, and the elements

Approximate Dimensions: Bowl only - 4.7 H x 7.9 Diameter; with Chain - 20.9 H x 7.9 Diameter (in inches)