White Wall-Mounted Metal Garment Rack or Bedroom Closet Organizer with 5 Hanging Rings, Set of 3

Maximize space in tight closets or retail locations while providing visibility for storing clothing with these white metal garment display racks. Featuring 5 rings hanging at different levels, these racks arrange garments in a cascade so items in the back can be viewed and selected easily. Displaying jackets, blazers, and shirts from the front, these racks provide variation from standard side-positioned displays while showcasing select items. Add dimension and visibility to your clothing displays with these stylish and modern wall-mounted angled garment racks. Comes in a set of 3, ideal for retail environments, storefronts, or to just hang in your closet.

Product Features:

  • Featuring 5 rings hanging at different levels, garments can be displayed in a cascade, giving visibility for each item
  • Useful for providing display variation from side-positioned displays, these racks also showcase select items
  • This set of 3 modern wall-mounted clothing display racks comes in white metal
  • Clothes not included

Approximate Dimensions (each rack, in inches): 12 W X 11.4 H X 0.75 D

Regular Price, $26.99