Vintage Gray Wood All-in-One Snack Caddy with Remote Control, Phone and Cup Holders

Keep your snacks, remote controls, drinks, and media devices within reach while you relax in your living room with this vintage gray wood couch and sofa organizer caddy. This sofa organizer tray provides 2 metal bowls for storing snacks, which can be removed for easy cleaning. The caddy also features 2 drink slots with a small area to keep your beer caps from cluttering your area.

Remote controls, cell phones and media devices can also be stored in its 4 slots in between the bowls and drink slots. Metal handles on the sides allow the vintage wood tray to be carried from the kitchen to your living room area and easily set down on an end table near your couch, sofa or armchair. For a convenient way to keep snacks and remotes within reach and add a touch of charming rustic accent to your living room decor, this vintage gray wood organizer caddy is the perfect choice.

Product Features:

  • The caddy provides 2 slots for storing remote controls and 2 slots for keeping cell phones and media devices organized, and includes 4 bottom foot pads to protect sensitive tabletop surfaces
  • With metal handles on the sides, the caddy can be easily carried from the kitchen to the living room
  • This vintage gray wood organizer caddy with bowls and remote control holder slots is perfect for keeping snacks and remotes accessible near your sofa or couch
  • The metal bowls keep snacks conveniently within reach, and can be removed from the caddy for easy cleaning; includes 2 drink slots and a small area for keeping beer caps

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 16 L x 10.5 W x 3.5 H; Snack bowls - 7 L x 4.5 W, Opening - 6 L x 3.25 W; Drink slots - 3 Diameter; Cap holder - 2.75 L x 2 W; Handles - 2.75 W x 1.75 H; Remote control slots - 3.5 L x 1.75 to 2 W; Phone slots - 4.25 L x 1.5 W (in inches)

Regular Price, $45.99