Wall Mounted Black Metal Pipe Yoga Exercise Ball Storage Rack with Rustic Wood Backing & 4 Hanger S-Hooks

Store all your important fitness equipment in one easy to locate place with this deluxe rustic wood and black metal pipe wall mounted yoga exercise ball storage rack. The 51 inch rail allows for large yoga and stability balls to be stored, as well as smaller medicine balls, basketballs, and other fitness balls. Included with the rack are four hanger S style hooks, that are perfect for keeping other fitness equipment such as jump ropes, resistant bands, yoga mats, towels and more. The wall mounted design allows you to securely and easily install to most wall surfaces with the included mounting hardware, and helps free up valuable floor space for working out and stretching. This large rack is ideal for your home gym or garage, but is great for any yoga studio, pilates studio, fitness center, or recreation center. Don't misplace your fitness equipment or let your yoga balls roll away, while adding modern style, with this wall mounted ball and equipment holder rack.

Product Features:

  • Wall mounted ball rack can be securely and easily installed to most wall surfaces with the included mounted hardware **Includes drywall anchors and standard screws**
  • Deluxe wall mounted yoga exercise ball storage rack with rustic wood and matte black metal pipe design for your home, garage, fitness, or yoga studio storage
  • Large metal pipe racks are ideal for storing large stability and yoga balls or small medicine, therapy and other sports balls **Equipment not included**
  • 4 S-hooks allow you to hang yoga mats, resistant bands, jump ropes, and other exercise and fitness equipment for easy access and convenient storage

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 7.9 H x 51.4 W x 18.1 D

Regular Price, $52.99