White Bunny Mini Ceramic Succulent Planter w/Saucer

Spring is in the air! This adorable miniature planter designed to look like an adorable bunny or rabbit will bring spring fever in your space in no time.

Made out of white ceramic, it is perfectly sized for planting succulents or small flowers, and a great addition to any space. A drainage hole allows water to drain through the soil for optimal plant health, while a removable saucer keeps your furniture save.

Add some smile-worthy style to any space!

Product Features:

  • Decorative small planter pots with removable saucers
  • Designed to look like adorable bunny
  • Ideal for holding small potted plants such as succulents or small flowers
  • A hole in the bottom of each pot allows water to drain through the soil and into the removable saucer 
  • Set on any table, counter, or desk to bring natural beauty to your home or office
  • Plants not included
  • Made of ceramic materials
  • Dimensions (in inches)4 W x 4.25 H x 3 D