White Metal Jewelry Shelf with Hooks, Set of 2

This set of 2 wall-mounted jewelry shelves will provide a designated place for all your precious jewelry! Providing tons of storage options on small space, these wall-mounted jewelry shelves provide a convenient way to keep pieces organized and accessible while freeing up vanity or dresser space.

26 hooks hold necklaces and bracelets of any length while perforations on the shelf trim are perfect to hang earrings. The top shelf of each can also be used as a ring tray, or as a handy place for nail polish or other cosmetics.

Product Features:

  • Set of 2 wall-mounted 15-inch floating shelves in white metal with necklace and bracelet hooks, earring rail, and ring tray
  • 26 hooks on bottom of shelf hold bracelets and necklaces of practically any length (jewelry not included)
  • Ornamented shelf trim features numerous perforations for hanging earrings
  • bordered top shelf provides space to store earrings and pins, or nail polish and other cosmetics
  • Dimensions (in inches): 3.7 H × 14.9 W × 3.4 L
Regular Price, $36.99