Mini White Synthetic River Pebbles, Vase Fillers, 8 lbs

Whether you want to decorate your aquarium or your flower vases, these small white synthetic rocks are the perfect way to add style to your home decor.

Whatever you display is sure to look crisp and creative with these snow-white miniature stones! Use these river pebbles to lay down a floor in a fish tank, or as accents in a terrarium with succulent plants or cacti. Perfect for craft projects and DIY.

It's easy to freshen up your home  decor or office with this bag of small white river stones!

Product Features:

  • Each 8-lb. bag of decorative synthetic river pebbles
  • The matte finish of these rocks provides a solid white background without any glare
  • Perfect for filling vases and covering the bottom of aquariums, terrariums, and potted plants
  • Each bag will include various size pebbles ranging from 0.2 to 1 inches long
  • Dimensions (in inches): 8 lbs Bag - 4.3 H × 9.3 W × 6 D; Each Pebble - 0.20 to 0.63 L 
Regular Price, $16.99