White Wood Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Cabinet

Tons of storage on small space! This white miniature cabinet can be added to any counter or tabletop, creating additional storage in any kitchenette, dorm kitchen, office break room, or bathroom!

No matter if you are searching to store your spices with style or find a place for  bread, crackers and condiments in your kitchen or makeup and hair accessories in your bathroom: This small but mighty cabinet will bring order into chaos. Also perfect as craft storage or office accessory!

Product Features:

  • 14-Inch wooden countertop food or beauty-supply cabinet with an antique whitewash finish
  • Top of the cabinet serves as a shelf on its own and the two glass window doors swing outward for access ample interior storage
  • Useful for storing spices or condiments in the kitchen or beauty products in the bathroom
  • Glass panels allow contents to be viewed from the outside
  • Dimensions (in inches): 9.75 H × 14 W × 6.5 D
Regular Price, $45.99