Whitewashed Wood Tilted Bookshelf

Organize and display your books, and keep them at hand for easy selection!

This tilted bookshelf features a vintage inspired whitewashed wood finish, a great addition to rustic, country, and vintage spaces! With a unique, upward-canted angle, it allows easier perusal of spine titles, and helps to keep books securely into place. A stylish way to display books prominently on tables or desks, this tilted bookshelf with a torched wood finish makes an ideal setting for cherished collectible books and special editions!

Constructed from solid wood, it will hold the favorite books of generations or can be used as cookbook stand.

Product Features:

  • 16.5-inch tilted wooden tabletop bookshelf in rustic whitewashed finish
  • A unique desktop book rack with upward-tilted design makes for easy access your books and magazine
  • Used to store frequently used reference books, magazines or cookbooks in the kitchen
  • Place on your desk, dresser or countertop to help organize your favorite books or magazines in your home or office
  • Dimensions (in inches): 13.4 H × 6.7 W × 10 L
  • Assembly required.
Regular Price, $34.99