Yellow Sunburst Ceramic Flower Pots, Set of 2 5 Inch Planters

Ready for summer?

Whether you want to grow herbs in your kitchen or display succulent plants in your living room, this set of 2 planters is sure to bring bright, cheerful style into your household!

Each flower pot in this set of 2 is made of sturdy ceramic materials with a bright yellow finish and a sunburst pattern etched into the exterior.

Each decorative planter also features a draining hole and an attached saucer to ensure that water can drain through the soil without dripping onto your table or counter!

Decorative and functional... Bring the warmth of the summer sun inside any time of the year with this set of 2 yellow ceramic sunburst design planter pots.

Product Features:

  • Set of 2 identical sunburst design yellow ceramic plant pots
  • Comes with draining holes and attached water-catching saucers.
  • Ideal for succulents such as cacti and lithops plants, as well as mosses, herbs, and grasses
  • Includes multipurpose cleaning towel
  • Plants not included
  • Dimensions (each pot, in inches): 4.5 H X 5.1 Diameter

Add a dash of warmth and cheer to your home decor!


Regular Price, $22.99