13 Fun Halloween Games for Kids and Adults

Scary movies, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving might be the main events on Halloween, but these simple, yet fun games, are great for adding to a party for adults, children, or simply for your own kids after the Halloween fun.


Witch Hat Ring Toss

Perfect for a quick DIY game, this witch hat ring toss requires minimal supplies and loads of fun. Kids can take turns tossing rings onto the witch hats. You can make them worth different points, make it a race, or just let them throw till they make it.

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Eyeball Pong

Obviously this can be a version of beer pong for adults, but it is just as fun for kids too, without the beer, obviously. Set up cups for kids to toss eyeball ping pong balls into, if they make it they win a prize.

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Halloween Forehead Detective

This one only required sticky notes (we suggest using orange to keep with the Halloween theme). Have each guest write down a popular Halloween item, costume, or word and have them place it on their forehead. They will have to ask other party attendees questions to try and guess what their forehead says. It makes for a great ice breaker as well.


Halloween Bingo

Print out these festive bingo cards, grab some M&M’s, candy corn, or other small sweets and play some bingo.

Get the tutorial at One Creative Mommy


Pin the Spider on the Web

This game can be used with the included printable, or even with spiderweb décor and plastic spiders. Blindfold the participant and let them try to get their spider into a specific location on the web.

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Poke your hand through a pumpkin to win a prize! A great alternative to a piñata.

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Spider Races

These adorable googly-eyed spiders will race across your room or outdoor space, first one to the end wins!

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt  

Hide Halloween items in your home or search through your neighborhood to find each item on your list.

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Mummy Race

Wrap each other up in toilet paper, streams, or bits of white fabric and race!

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Death Charades

A unique and funny take on death, and perfect for Halloween. For ages 13+

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Donut String Game

Attach a donut to a string and see who can finish their donut first, or just give each person a try, remember no hands! Try apple cinnamon donuts, or spooky candy coated ones to add a festive touch.

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Mummy Bowling

Wrap bowling pins up with toilet paper and instantly you’ve got a Halloween game. Add googly eyes or cute bows for a fun touch.

Get the tutorial at Giggles Galore


Ghost Face Halloween Game

Grab paper plates, candy corn, and whipped topping and go to town! The trick is you can’t use your hands so your mouth and nose are used to find the candy corn hidden under the whipped topping. First one to find it wins! Make sure to have paper towels handy.

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things To Do