5 Tips to Stay Stress-Free During Holiday Season

 As much as most of us love the holiday season, lets face it, it can be stressful! With gift buying, home decorating, family and in-laws around more, it can make the most wonderful time of the year somewhat stressful. But don’t let these break your holiday spirit, incorporate some of these tips to keep your holiday season looking bright.


It’s Ok To Say No – We can feel obligated to always say yes, especially during the holiday season. Saying yes to every dinner party or holiday task isn’t always realistic and can set yourself up for failure. Don’t try to take on more than you are capable of doing, set boundaries and accept limits to what you can achieve this holiday season, making it more realistic and in the end enjoyable.


Relax and Reset – A great way to manage the stress and anxiety of the holiday season is making sure you are relaxing. Without relaxing, we can add unwanted anger, depression, or irritability to our daily life. Be sure to take a moment of breathing or mindfulness, this can be reading, taking a nap, watching a holiday movie or even a spa day after your holiday shopping is complete!


Accent Help and Delegate – It can be difficult for some to accept help for others, we can get caught up in the mentality that if we want something done “right” we need to do it ourselves. But this can relieve much unnecessary stress, if we ask help from others and delegate tasks, everything doesn’t need to fall on you and can be fun for others as well.


Plan A Budget and Stick To It – It is inevitable that holidays mean spending money, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Plan a budget and be sure to stick to it, putting too much on credit or not planning your spending wisely can add stress for the rest of the year as well.


Stay Active – Without it becoming a stress, be sure to stay active and stick to your routines of health and fitness. Sure the occasional holiday sweet is fine but be sure to incorporate healthy habits for foods the majority of the time. Taking a walk or meditating are other great ways to stay active during the holiday season.