Fun Ways To Use Dry Ice For Your Halloween Party – And How to Properly Handle It

One of the easiest, and coolest (pun intended), ways to add that extra spooky touch to your Halloween party is dry ice. The awe-inducing and super cool way it bubbles and foams when in contact with liquid, takes your Halloween party instantly to the next level.


Punch Bowl

For best results, don’t add the dry ice directly into your punch bowl. Create a nesting style bowl, one small bowl inside a large one, such as a pumpkin, so the ice doesn’t directly touch the punch. Be sure that your bowls are safe for dry ice. Carefully add hot water to the section with just the dry ice to release the vapors. Check out Honestly Yum for a pumpkin punch bowl tutorial.


Individual Cocktails

For cocktail drinks, you can add small piece of dry ice directly to your glass. This instantly turns your drink into a spooky, other worldly beverage. Warn them not to actually ingest the dry ice cube though; try using a straw for a safer way to drink.



Create a witches brew full of beverage or just for added decorations to your Halloween décor. Take any size cauldron, add orange or green glow sticks to the bowl, or orange lights to the base to make it look like its bubbling over a fire.



Place a small dish or shallow bowl inside your jack-o-lantern and place dry ice inside. Add warm water to activate the dry ice and watch the fog seep from the mouth and eyes of your carved pumpkin



Although all these ways to utilize dry ice can be fun, be sure to use precautions and proper safety methods to ensure you don’t injure yourself, or anyone else. Make sure to let the kiddos look, but don’t touch, when it comes to dry ice.

Where can I purchase it?

You can find dry ice in grocery stores or ice cream shops.

How long does it last?

Pick up your dry ice the day of your party, preferably only a few hours before the festivities begin.

How do I store it?

Be sure to store the dry ice proper so the fog doesn’t dissipate before you are able to use it. DO NOT store it in your freezer, it can damage your freezer and make the fog dissipate quicker. It is best stored in insulated or Styrofoam cooler. Keep the lid slightly ajar so pressure doesn’t build up.

How do I handle it?

Never handle dry ice with bare skin. Use a towel, gloves or tongs when retrieving dry ice.