14 Fun Valentines Crafts for All Ages

14 Fun Valentines Crafts for All Ages

Looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involved dinner reservations or floral shops? We’ve gathered 14 fun Valentine’s Day themed crafts for kids and adults to try. Best part, these adorable handmade crafts can double as both decorations and gifts for someone special.

1. Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Coasters

2. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

3. Valentine’s Heart Slime

4. Heart Suncatcher

5. Valentine Puppy Chow

6. Valentine Popsicle Stick Button Frame

7. Valentine’s Day Birdfeeder

8. Tissue Paper Valentine’s Day Wreath

9. Felt Heart Mobile

10. Fingerprint Heart Art

11. Dog Heart Scarf

12. Embossed Heart Keychains

13. Valentine Tic Tac Toe Snack Craft

14. Valentine Shaving Cream Heart Art