5 Ideas to Create Your Rustic Dream Wedding

How to Turn Your Wedding into a Rustic Dream

You’ve found the guy (or lady), you know what you're wearing, all your food picked out, now for all the little details that go into creating the wedding of your dreams. For those who are looking for a more rustic and natural wedding theme, we’ve put together a list of the must-haves for your boho-chic wedding and to help your special day remain (somewhat) stress-free.

Farmhouse Style Mason Jars

These easy to come by item can become a staple for almost any décor item in your wedding. Tie them together and string them with lights to create ambiance for the dance floor. Have drinkware at the ready with fun paper straws or colorful lids. Make centerpieces for tabletops with candles, flowers or greenery, you can even paint them the colors of your wedding. The possibilities are endless.

mason jars

Rustic Charm Wood Riser Stands

Keep desserts displayed and looking delicious with wooden risers. They add to the rustic theme and can be arranged in a variety of ways. Risers can be used for desserts, framed photos of the couple, or even displaying name cards for table placements for guests.

wood risers

How to Decorate with Local Foliage & Flowers

Think of what is in your own backyard, sometimes the easiest and best flowers can be picked from your own garden. Roses, wildflowers, ferns, even succulents can become centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres or filler greens for vases.

Food for Wedding Décor 

Some unique, and inexpensive ways to showcase table numbers, name cards, dessert labels or photos can be as simple and placing them in an artichoke. Adding lemons or other citrus to vases can be another way to create simple, but elegant centerpieces for summer weddings.


Rustic Wood Crates

As if organizing your house wasn’t a good enough reason to buy cute wooden crates, they can easily turn into cake stands, seats, boxes for gifts and cards, planters or a whole backdrop for beautiful photos. These boxes can even be reused in your home or organization and storage once the wedding festivities have wrapped up.

Bonus: Chalkboard Signs!

Don't forget about those cute little chalkboard signs that not only add charm, but help organize and get your guests where you want them to go. We wrote about the best wedding chalkboard signs in a previous post. 

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