6 Chalkboard Wedding Signs for Your Big Day

With wedding season just around the corner, we thought we'd put together a list of the best chalkboard signs to help put a special touch on your special day. 

Why chalkboard signs? They're a fun, personalized way to communicate to your guests and add the right dose of personality to make your wedding feel more customized. You can write fun messages, or give your guests a unique way to identify their table, all with a little bit of rustic charm. 

Here are 6 simple wedding chalkboard signs to add for your special day

1. This lightly distressed, rustic black chalkboard is a great way to welcome guests or write menu specials. It gives you ample room to write custom messages large enough to attract and direct guests. 

2. What about signs for labeling table or seat numbers? Some simple, modern black chalkboard signs come in a set of 6, and makes a nice, decorative way to direct your guests to their table, or to let them know which seat is theirs. Fully erasable and easy to store, these chalkboard panels can add the right touch of magic to your wedding design. 

3. Standing chalkboard signs are perfect for rustic or countryside wedding themes. There's enough room to write out menu's, itinerary's, or just welcome guests with a large, eye-catching sign. 

4. If you're planning a wedding with a country rustic or farmhouse theme, these cute little table chalkboard signs will do the trick nicely. Crafted from natural wood with a distressed, white washed finish, your guests will love it.

5. In case you don't have the best illustration skills, this chalkboard easel comes with a pre-designed vine rope to give it some charm before you even write a word. Prop it up on a table, next to the guest book, or on the reception table for a bit of whimsical delight.


6. Wood table signs are small and adorable for any event, but especially for weddings. Designed with a unfinished wood frame, it has a distinct woodshop feel to it.