7 Ideas to Keep A Well-Organized Kitchen

These ideas can help maintain a well-oiled kitchen while cooking, baking and during clean up. Before you get started organizing your kitchen, the best thing to do is purge and clean. Pull out all your items and keep only the essentials. Have three can openers? Keep the one that is the easiest to use. Seven baking sheets? Two should be sufficient. Wedding china? Ok this might be a keep item. After the necessities have been weeded out it’s time to start organizing.

Refrigerator & Pantry – Keeping specific items in a basket or container can help wrangle items in one place to visually see when you run out of an item and easily locate it. Organizing each shelf to hold specific items, one shelf for cans, one for baking goods, one for snacks, and so on. Consider using clear containers for some items, this can help you easily see items and saves space.

Starting from the source can help these places stay organized. When you are at the grocery store, bag items together where they will be located in your kitchen, that way putting them away is easier and things don’t get disorganized.

Drawers – Drawer dividers and bins make finding things in drawers easy. Keep items together that are similar like measuring cups and spoons or categorize items that are sharp like pizza cutters and vegetable peelers together.

Cupboards – Keep items you use left often near the top such as seasonal ware or serving dishes; centralize items into a specific area, like bakeware all on one shelf or grilling items together.

Under the Sink – Buckets, bins and shelves can help keep cleaning supplies, dish soaps and rags in one central location for quick clean ups.

Utilizing the Walls – If your kitchen allows it, wall storage can this can be a very beneficial way to store a variety of kitchen items. Knives or spices can be stored on magnetic stripes; pots, pans, and cooking utensils can he hung by hooks or racks on the wall or ceiling.

Over-The-Door – Hanging organizers work great for pantry doors to store spices, snacks and more, while keeping shelves open for larger items to be stored.

Lazy Susan – These are great almost anywhere in your kitchen. Adding a lazy Susan to your cupboard, pantry or counter top can help keep those hard to reach items or often used items close as hand with its rotating design.