These Desk Organizers Can Transform Your Office Space

Why is organization so important? Well, studies have shown that a messy, cluttered living space can cause a number of issues in our lives, ailments that range from the mental to physical. So it's less about having a place that looks nice, and more about gaining a healthy peace of mind. 

And one place we often overlook when it comes to organization is our desk space. Sometimes filled with random papers, paperclips, staples, and pens strewn about, it can look quite chaotic from an objective eye. But the answer isn't usually to purge, after all, we need all of those important documents and supplies, don't we?

The better solution is to find an appropriate organization solution. One that neatly contains and stores all of your most commonly used supplies, while de-cluttering your precious desk space. 

Here are some of the most popular desk organizers according to our research:

The adjustable natural beige wood desktop shelf

beige desktop organizer

This natural wood desk organizer is a wildly popular item, and with good reason. Ultra modern with a smooth, sleek wood frame, it conveys a feeling of zen and harmony, evenly balancing the objects it supports. Better yet, it comes in 2 separate parts for full adjustment, depending on your desk setup. 

Alternative configuration

6 Compartment Distressed Wood Organizer

This quaint but effective torched wood organizer cleans up your space nicely, and decorates with a distinctively rustic, wooden touch. The 6 compartment slots make a great way to store pens, notepads, and more, but the pull out drawers are the icing on the cake. 

Vintage Rustic Wood Organizer 

small wooden desktop organizer

This small, yet mighty desktop organizer is perfect for small spaces or those with a minimalist design style. Each area maximizes its space, whether used for storing scissors, pencils, mail, or more. The vintage looking wood structure also makes it blend seamlessly with any office that has an old school charm. 

2 Tier Document Tray with Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard organizer

What's better than a 2 tier industrial style document tray? A 2 tier industrial style document tray with chalkboard labels of course! A fun and inventive way to organize your office, these chalkboard panels make it easy to customize your own needs, whether it's to keep a separate area for mail, important documents, or bills.