9 Tips To Quickly Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

No matter if you are looking to sell your home or just wanting to add a bit more personal touches to your home, we’ve got some great, budget friendly, ideas to help you up your curb appeal game.

House with Red Door

Plants & Planters:

Whether you already have plants, trees and shrubbery or if you’re looking to add some potted plants to your yard, these can both quickly add a welcoming touch. Placing flowers, herbs or trees in pots gives you the option to move them around the yard without having to uproot them. Pots can also add color and texture to your landscape. Trimming up your hedges, trees, bushes and others can give a clean look, put-together look. Trimming of the excess branches that don’t add to the tree or contain leaves is the perfect place to start; Pruning also helps plants grow fuller. Adding flowers or greenery to a garden, and pulling out the unwanted weeds create a welcome environment for bees and people.


Cleaning Porch

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing your exterior can make a world of difference and is relatively inexpensive and quick. You can even pressure wash your pavers, deck and driveway! It is extremely satisfying, and you’ll find yourself pressure washing anything you can. Don’t want to have to buy one? Most hardware stores will rent you one for a low fee.


Lemon green front door

A Bold Front Door

Go for bold or a stark contrast to your house color and really make your front door pop. This is a relatively cheap solution (approximately $30 a gallon) and doesn’t take very long to achieve an upgraded look. Be sure to properly prep your door and choose an exterior paint so it lasts longer. Best part is, when the mood strikes, you can change the color again.


Color pailette

Painting the Exterior

This can be an undertaking, but can make a world of difference when you’re looking for a big change to your house. Choosing a new color or updating the original can be a big decision since it will be what most people see from the street. Take into account the surrounding scenery or plants that will take away or add to the color you choose. Be sure to sand and wash to make sure paint adheres properly to the exterior.  Adding colored trim is another great way to update your home. Pick a classic white or black or go with something more unique that contrasts your current house color.


Porch with black chairs

Your Front Porch

Add new light to your front porch, literally, by update existing lighting fixtures, placing solar lights on your walkway or hanging decorative string lights. Create a seating area with a porch swing, chairs, or table to give a way to enjoy your updated ambiance. You can also find furniture at thrift or secondhand stores that can be quickly updated with paint or stain. Add a welcome sign or wreath to your door or any fun outdoor plaque. Remind the kids to take off their shoes or inform neighbors of your energetic dog. A new door mat can become the most welcoming part of your house and is a great way to greet your guests before you even open the door, and is ideal for keep floors clean on your way inside by wiping off your shoes.


Door knocker on yellow door

Upgrade Your Hardware

Replace your faded or out-of-date house number with new numbers, or something more elaborate like a planter box attached. Upgrading your doorbell, door handle, or adding a knocker are other good ways to update and elevate the charm of your exterior. Sometimes it is the little details that add a lot of value to your home.


Blue Mailbox


You don’t want the first thing people to see to be a rusty falling over mailbox. Update your mailbox to something sophisticated, fun or classic. You can even paint the one you already have and add detailed flowers, fun family handprints or a metallic finish.  


Windows with dark shutters


Cleaning your windows seems a bit of a no-brainer but we tend to forget the outside as well; cleaning your windows can add instant sunlight and a polished finish. Place shutters on your windows for a farm-style look, these can be contrasting color to your trim, or the same. Window planter boxes add a vintage charm to your windows while adding fragrant flowers or greenery to your summer breeze.


Mulch or Bark

Mulch or Bark

Adding mulch or bark to your beds give color and help prevent the spread of weeds, while keeping soil moist. Preferably you should lay down 2’’ of mulch each spring to allow them to breakdown throughout the year. Try to choose a natural tree bark for your yard, which usually doesn’t contain any foreign materials or contaminates, and they usually come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your home.