Bedroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

We spend almost 33% of our lives sleeping, and let’s face it, these days it tends to be a bit more. Some days are spent trying to catch up on lost sleep or in bed watching TV, which is fine, but why not make your bedroom space more comfortable and appealing? If you are looking for ways to spice up your bedroom décor, without breaking the bank, here are some simple ideas to help make your bedroom your new favorite room in the home.

Bedroom Wallpaper


The Walls

Overbearing and basically the whole room, walls can make a room drab and boring or fabulous and welcoming. It all depends on the look you are going for but giving your walls a facelift is a great, and cheap, way to liven up your room.

  • Wallpaper – Ok we aren’t thinking about your grandmother’s house, but wallpaper is really making a comeback With simple or elaborate designs, wallpaper can add that extra pop you are needing for a room, and the best part is they are usually removable, so no commitment needed.
  • Photos – Whether you go with family photos, works of art or creating your own, pictures add a personal touch to a room.
  • Paint – This can include choosing a whole new color for your room or adding fun designs like stencils or decals. You could even try a hand painted accent wall for a unique look all your own.


Bedroom Furniture DIY Makeover



Typically, when we think of the bedroom we immediately think about the bed, but there are a lot of other furniture items to consider when creating a relaxing space.

  • Chairs – Great for reading, relaxing or playing on your phone, having a comfy armchair or classic wooden chair can make a big difference in spending extra time in your room and make your room look more complete.
  • Dresser – This piece of furniture doesn’t just have to be about keeping your clothes hidden away. Add accents to the top like bookends, add some statement pieces or display family photos, you could even let your dresser double as your nightstand if you are tight on space.
  • Bench – Adding a bench at the end of your bed, or under a window, can add extra seating space, places for books and blankets and a quick and easy way to add a luxurious and sophisticated look to your bedroom.
  • Headboard – The focal point of your room is usually your headboard. Whether you want to create a cozier environment, add a dramatic look, or visually striking centerpiece, adding a headboard can capture the essence of your room. Chalkboard, bookshelf, fabric, or repurposed wood are just a few ideas do elevate your backdrop, check out even more great headboard ideas here.


Bedroom Decoration Ideas



To add a personal touch and bring a room to the next level, adding decorative accents will make your space more personalized and make it HGTV picture perfect.

  • Pillows & Throws – Pillows are great for adding pops of color or adding more colors to a color scheme of the room, also they look really cute. Throws act
  • Mirrors – By reflecting light, mirrors can give the appearance that a room is large than it actually is. Hang or lean a mirror against a wall to create the illusion of extra space.
  • Lights – Overhead, task, accent, color, dimmers, there is a lot that goes into the perfect lighting in a room, and your bedroom shouldn’t be an exception. Add sconces to the bedroom, dramatic hanging lights or simply plug in a lamp, but whatever you choose be sure to check out these tips for Lighting A Modern Bedroom.
  • Bedding – Tray changing up your college sheets and go for something for sophisticated. Classic striped sheets, a printed duvet cover, or fun pillow cases can create a whole new look and feel to your bedroom.
  • Décor – There are a variety of ways to add some much needed décor to a bedroom. Jewelry holder can bring organization to a cluttered heap of necklaces and rings, or a vanity tray can be the perfect thing for keeping incense, candles or potted plants. Little touches of accents can go a long way.
  • Rugs – Pull the room together by adding a properly sized rug. Not sure on the size? Look at some of these tips for choosing the perfect bedroom rug.
  • Curtains – Not only do the provide privacy and block out light, they add a dramatic view to your bedroom. Long flowing drapery or short and sweet curtains can really dress up your window trimmings.



If you are looking for an immediate and free transformation, rearrange your bedroom! It may seem simple but moving your bed from one wall to another can really change up the flow if a room, and you may even get a better night’s sleep (better night’s sleep not guaranteed).