Coffee Mugs – The Ultimate Guide

Coffee mugs - the perfect way to enjoy your cup of joe, and this article answers everything you want to know about them!

How many coffee cups should you have?

On an everyday basis, factor in the number of people that use cups, the number of drinks they have per day and how often the cups are washed.
So, if you have 2 people drinking 3 drinks each per day and the dishes are washed once per day, you will need 6 cups (2*3*1=6).
Alternatively, if you have 3 people drinking 2 drinks each per day and the dishes are washed every 2 days, you will need 6 cups (3*2*2=12).
It can also be beneficial to have a few spare for any guests – if you regularly have 3 friends round for coffee, it could be a good idea to have at least 3 spare cups to ensure you’re always ready for company!

How many mugs should one person own?

By combining how many drinks you have a day and how often the mugs are washed you can easily work out how many mugs one person should own. If you drink 3 mugs of tea/coffee per day and wash the cups once per day, you should own at least 3 mugs (3*1=3). If you drink 2 mugs of coffee/tea per day and wash the mugs every two days, you should own at least 4 mugs (2*2=4).
As above, it can also be beneficial to have a couple of mugs spare for any visitors so you don’t have to ensure all your mugs are all available for others.

How can I display a lot of mugs?

For stylish functional storage for coffee mugs in your home kitchen, cafe, coffee shop or office break room, a wall mounted coffee mug rack is a wonderful choice. This takes unused wall space and allows or a magnificent display of your mug collection.

but first coffee sign mug rack

What to do if you have too many mugs?

As well as stylishly displaying your mugs with a coffee mug rack, you can rotate the mugs you have out. You can have 10 mugs on display on your counter or wall, with the others in a cupboard or box, and then rotate out which mugs you are using every week, month or season. For large collections, you can even display just certain colors in certain months!

How do you store mugs to save space?

A coffee mug holder will keep your cupboards clear for other items, while if space is of a real premium, a coffee mug rack for wall will ensure your counter also remains clear whilst also make sure your cups are still within easy reach.

What is the best way to store glassware and mugs?

As well as a coffee cup holder for your favorite mugs, a wine glass holder stand can be used to store your favorite glassware. Having both ensures you have easy access to a drinking container for your caffeine fix or a glass of wine.

coffee sign and wall mounted cup rack

How many mugs of coffee a day is too much?

The FDA has cited 400 milligrams per day as an amount that doesn’t generally have a negative impact on healthy adults. More information on the FDA site - how much caffeine is too much.