How to stay organized in college

Starting college can be daunting, not only are you away from home but finding your classes, making new friends and maybe all your own meals for the first time, can get overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of the most important tips to help you stay organized and on track this fall, making your first semester a breeze, while allowing you time for the fun college experience

Keep a planning calendar

Keeping track of all your classes, homework assignments, and activities in a planner can help you stay on track and not let those minor items slip through the cracks. Writing things down also helps you remember them, so study dates with friends in the library won’t overlap your lab session.

At the beginning of each week it is important to plan out what assignments will be due, your class schedule, study time and any other vital tasks that will need to be completed so you are sure not to forget.

Here are some planners we recommend Panda Planner, Blue Sky, and Passion Planner.

Use color codes to your advantage

Color coordinating notebooks, folders, and ink to specific classes can keep items more organized and easier to differentiate each class. When writing items in a planner or a whiteboard, be sure to keep the same colors as your notebooks for specific classes.

Don't lose your syllabus

Professors hand these out to students for a reason, all the important things are usually in there. Important dates, assignments, Professor’s office hours and contact information are usually kept in here. Highlighting or adding tabs to important items allows you to quickly review important items, and having each one handy, either electronically or a hardcopy, will make the semester a breeze.

Use the 8+8+8 rule

This rule refers to the 24 hours in the day, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work/school, and 8 hours for friends, family, hobbies or relaxation. This rule can help you balance your time and life without getting too stressed out or spending too much time on one thing.

Put up a whiteboard/chalkboard for reminders

Not only are they a cute way to keep fun photos of friends and family it’s a great way to jot down important dates or assignments where they are always visual; you can even add a fun quote or affirmation.

Here are a few wall organizers we like My Week Calendar, 2-in-1 Combination Board, and Dry Erase Calendar

Organize your backpack to keep your books in order

It sounds fairly simple but having the writing vessel for carrying all your most important papers, textbooks and laptop can make traveling across campus either a stroll or a hike. Keep your backpack organized, and well stocked, by packing it the night before with the proper classes you will need the following day. Have snacks and a reusable water bottle handy as well, it will keep your stomach from grumbling or your mind wandering to thirst and food during long lectures.

Here are our favorite comfortable and multi-pocket backpacks LuluLemon City Adventure Backpack, Herschel Retreat Backpack, MGgear multipurpose backpack, and Swissgear Laptop Backpack