How to throw a Birthday Party with a Bunny Theme

Some Bunny is Turning 2! 

Throwing a birthday party for a two-year-old is not an easy task. Coming up with a theme, decorations, food, desserts, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Wanting to make this year’s small birthday gathering for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, easy, relaxing, and enjoyable, I wanted a very DIY but elegant event. Basically, looking for a reason to throw a garden party, my daughter’s 2nd birthday was the perfect way to add children fun and adult sophistication into a bunny themed, garden-inspired birthday party!


Bunny Decoration for Girl's Birthday Party with Lavender and Pom Poms

The Decor

Inspired by fluffy bunny tails and soft pinks and whites, I put together a cohesive look combining outdoor garden and cute bunnies. I also wanted to incorporate natural woods and galvanized items for a more “garden” design. Tables were decorated with artificial lavender plants in galvanized pots with handmade bunny “tails” and adorable bunny figurines for the kids to play with and admire. Pink and white balloons and artificial flowers decorated the dessert and food table, which is always fun for parties. Chalkboard signs made a fun, and instructional, way to decorate the dessert and food table. I used them to label food, instructions for DIY veggie baskets and cocktails, and to celebrate Lillian’s 2nd birthday.


Veggie Basket for Kid's Birthday

The Food

Sticking with the garden theme, I wanted to incorporate fresh vegetables and tasty sandwiches with options for people to create their own lunch. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli and snap peas were placed in galvanized storage baskets with small produce baskets and instructions for people to make their own veggie baskets with all their favorite vegetables.


Chalkboard Label "Make your own Veggie Basket"

Small containers of both hummus and ranch kept dip options virtually mess free, which allowed a to-go option instead of having to spoon sauce onto your plate.


Ham and Cheese Sandwich Tray

Croissant ham and cheese sandwiches were displayed in a rustic burnt wood decorative tray with brass handles for an elegant look to these simple sandwiches.


Croissant Sandwich Tray

Lettuce and tomato were provided on the side for guests to customize their own sandwich.


Girls' Birthday Party Setup with Baskets

To stick with the garden theme, another galvanized basket was used for potato chips as a side, which easily matched the rest of the theme.


Utensil Holder Burnt Brown Wood

All of the utensils were conveniently held in a rustic burnt wood flatware caddy, that matched the tray perfectly, and the green flatware looked perfect against the rustic brown wood.


Dessert Tray with Bunnie Cookies

Dessert Table

I stuck with fun snacky desserts that people can grab on the go, while kids are running around and playing.


Kid's Birthday Party Dessert Table

A two tier cupcake stand provided space for bunny and carrot themed cookies and carrot-inspired chocolate covered strawberries.


Bunny Cookie Jar

An adorable bunny themed cookie jar held Annie’s Bunny Grahams Birthday Cake flavor, while the lace design serving tray held white and pink macarons, perfect figure food for kids and adults.


Kid's Birthday Game with Bunny and Pom Pom


I found a free image of this adorable bunny game for Pin The Tail On The Bunny. Each child had their own colored handmade pom-pom’s, and got to wear bunny ears while they tried to pin the tail. The children also got to follow bunny tracks to their gift bags full of treats and their own take-home bunny.