Planning the Perfect Staycation At Home

Every now and then each of us needs a break from the mundane daily routine and to take a vacation. But that doesn’t mean you need to go museum hopping in Europe or sit on an island sipping a Mai Tai, although all of that sounds amazing, you can plan a budget friendly staycation in the comfort of your own home.  

Where Do I Start?

When planning a staycation, figure out what is best for you. Maybe it is taking a couple days of work, throwing out your usual schedule, or disconnecting from social media and technology. Be sure you steer clear of chores too (you don’t have to do them on vacation) and enjoy what your destination has to offer. Whether you are planning a staycation for you family, you and your significant other, or a party of one, check out some of these ideas for one last hurrah before summer is officially gone, best part about it, you don’t even need to leave your house.

Planning The Perfect Day

Family in green tent


You don’t need to be in the mountains or by a lake to get a good camping trip in. Set up the tent in the backyard, pull out the sleeping bags or air mattress and enjoy the fresh air. Bring your camping chairs out or lay out a blanket and do all the fun activities you get to on a camping trip: make S'mores, do a Dutch oven dinner and tell spooky stories around a campfire. If you have limited space in your yard, you can go as far as to set up a tent in your living room, at let’s face it, the living room carpet can be more comfortable then the great outdoors.



Tropical Cocktails 

Go somewhere tropical

If you are wanting to go a bit more elaborate, turn your home into a resort, full of leis, coconut and pineapple themed drinks and heck, throw in a roasted pig! Ok, maybe not that elaborate, but try ordering new food from a local restaurant, whip up a new cocktail and maybe dry on a grass skirt. This one can be fun for the kids if you add fun decorations to really play up the tropical theme.

Breakfast tray with breakfast items

Relax at a B & B

Break out the fancy china and fresh linens and make your own home into a bed & breakfast. Plan a gourmet breakfast for the family, keep a relaxing playlist going, stay in your robe all day, you could even put little chocolates on your pillow to make it feel more elegant. Put vases with fresh flowers and candles to set an aroma to the home. If you would like to, hire someone to clean the home beforehand so you truly get to relax as you would in a hotel or bed & breakfast.

People Kayaking during Sunset

Outdoor Adventure

Your staycation doesn’t need to be limited to indoors. Hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing or any other fun outdoor activity is a great way to break out of the routine. No matter what you choose, be to leave your phone at home or put it on airplane mode to really enjoy the scenery screen free, besides the occasion photo.


Mom and girl enjoying pedicure

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a day where you can pamper yourself? Try a face mask, a hot bath, give yourself a mani-pedi, or give your significant other a massage (and get one in return). Turn on calming music, add lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to a diffuser and put cucumber in your water to really create a spa ambiance.