Easter Baskets That Are Both Cute and Functional

Easter is almost here, and from hunting for eggs to gifts left by the easter bunny, Easter baskets play a major role in most Easter events. But what do you do with your baskets after Easter is over? We’ve compiled a list of 10 practical that can be used for storage, decorative, or even as gifts once Easter is done.

A collage of different easter baskets with links to each one
  1. Black Metal and Dark Wooden Storage Basket
  2. Handwoven Seagrass Market Basket
  3. Vintage White Rectangular Wood Baskets
  4. Round Gold Wire Basket
  5. Chicken Egg Basket
  6. Round Open Weave Basket
  7. Dark Brown Wood and Metal Storage Crates
  8. Black Metal Country Style Basket with Handle
  9. Peach Tufted Basket
  10. Flower Décor Storage Basket



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