15 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The typical one-color eggs are great, but don’t you want more out of your Easter egg decorating experience? Gather the craft supplies and break out the Martha Stewart in your and try out something new! We’ve gathered our eggs and put them into tie-dyed, sparkly and farm-filled baskets for some unique ways to up your egg decorating game.

Rubber Bands – These are simple and make a cool striped, crisscross, or checkered design.


Egg Decor Idea: Twine 

Twine Eggs – These are simple and can be any color you want! Made from plastic eggs, these twine covered eggs will last for years to come.


Whipped Cream Eggs

Whipped Cream – This sounds both delicious and bizarre but apparently it works. You put the food coloring into the whipped cream and swirl it around for a unique tie-dye effect.


Color Block Egg Decor Idea

Color Block – Ideal for a modern, minimalist look, these color block eggs make the perfect backdrop to any Easter décor with subtle hues and sleek lines.



Punched Paper Egg Decor

Punched Paper – Quick, simple and easy, ideal for a fun activity for children. These adorable punched paper can be anything from flowers, butterflies, hearts and much more.


Easter Egg Splatter Decor Idea

Luster Splatter – Sophisticated and gorgeous, and with only a few steps, your Easter eggs become a work of art.



Egg Ice Cream Decor Idea

Ice Cream – I scream, you scream, we all scream or egg ice cream? I don’t know about you, but these Easter egg ice cream cones are adorable. Not only are they fun Easter décor, how about adding these to your next kids party?



Egg Decor with Konfetti

Confetti – Paint your eggs pastel shades and dip in sparkly confetti, they become both sparkly and spring-like instantly.


Easter Egg Decor Idea

Vegetables – What says spring more than a harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are fun and make a great table centerpiece.


Temporary Tattoo Egg Decor 

Temporary Tattoos – Those glittery gold temporary tattoos aren’t just for bachelorette parties anymore, stick them on your eggs for a shiny and perfect egg décor.


Nail Polish Egg Decor Idea

Nail Polish – In between your mani-pedi try this egg painting trick. Water, nail polish and hard boiled eggs.


Black White Easter Egg Decor

Black & White – Modern and chic with simple black and white paint and geometric patterns, you can have yourself a very mod Easter.


 Typography Easter Egg Decor

Typography - #Easter #Spring and any other fun tags and quotes, add them to your eggs!


Easter Egg Chick Decor Idea

Baby Chicks – Paper, sharpie and an imagination are all you need for these cute baby chick eggs. Rather simple but completely adorable.


 Mermaid Easter Egg Idea

Mermaid – mystic, magical and super pretty, these eggs create the perfect mermaid inspired design. They also look like dragon eggs…Mother of Dragon Easter?