Optimize Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

With many people working from home these days, it can be a new transition for those used to being in a busy office building to having to create a space to work at home. Having a dedicated workspace can keep you productive and motivated, while helping set aside other household distractions. Here are some tips on creating the ideal space to create and work.


Location, Location, Location

Organized Home Office

Choosing a dedicated area might be the most important item when considering where to place your home office. You want it free of the TV, snacks, if possible, with a door that closes. Ideally this would be a spare room in your home to allow for privacy if you need to take meetings, phone calls or for clients. This also means it is important to separate your work and home and be sure to power-down at the end of the day and leave work at “work”.


Surface Space

Home Office Desk Optimization

Depending on what your job is depends a lot on the amount of space you will nee to work. If you’re a photographer this might include a studio space, if you’re a graphic designer multiple screens might be needed, if you’re a consultant you may need filing cabinets for your clients. Deciding what space you’ll need will determine your desk size and any extra space you might need for equipment or office supplies. Click Here to find more tips on choosing the perfect work desk for you.


Cord ClutterTangled Cords

Nowadays everything has a charger or requires an outlet and these mass amounts of cords can really clutter up a space. There are a variety of ways to hide cords, whether its under a carpet, behind a desk, zip-tied, it will get the job done.


Keep Time

Dark Gray Wall Clock

Although if you are self-employed and make your own schedule, it is important to make sure to get up early, which can help you have a more productive day. Making sure to take regular breaks for coffee and lunch can also help you stay on track and maintain regular work hours. Displaying a wall or desktop clock or creating a schedule for every hour of the day, can also help you stay on task and make your work day efficient.



Home Office Decoration

Adding family photos, inspiring literature, college memorabilia, or even some greenery will personalize your space and keep it from being a boring workplace. This can even include decorative organization like stylish file cabinets, wall shelves or comfy chairs that add a personal touch.


Accent Wall

Textured Accent Wall with different wood colors

Create an accent wall to instantly liven up your workspace by adding wallpaper, a splash of color, or decorative wainscoting. Check out some ideas from Elledecor.com for inspiration.


Get Dressed

Office Worker putting on shoes

It may seem weird if you aren’t leaving your home, but getting dressed in the morning can help you be more productive, even if it means putting on some pants that aren’t sweats. Stay comfy in slipper or house shoes, but always remember to “dress for the job you want”, and pajama model is not everyone’s life career goal.