Simple Fall Table Design

With September almost over and the first day of autumn officially here, you might be beginning to think of transforming your table to those fall colors for hosting dinners or just everyday décor. We’ve got a simple design that can be incorporated into any home for that perfect touch of fall.



 We love a good pop of color without being too overwhelming. Consider a colored candle on our 3-Pillar Candle Holder for a finished look. Paired well with our Assorted Acorn Caps, moss, or succulents for a realistic touch of bringing the outdoors in, without the mess. Add a pitcher or carafe to the table for pouring wine or water for guests, like our Modern Copper Plated Wine Carafe that matches our wine glasses.


Table Setting

We started with a simple, yes elegant, 10.5 inch Hammered Glass Dinner Plate with Gold Rim and kept the copper theme going with our Copper Dipped Stemware Wine Glasses. We pulled the black metal from the candles and added it to the Black Flatware Set for a more complete look throughout the table design. Paired with a Natural Linen Plaid Napkin Set for another subtle coloring really completes the look.


There you have it! Subtle yet sophisticated fall tabletop design!