12 Spooky Drinkware Sets Sure To Compliment Any Halloween Cocktail

Elevate your festive cocktails to an adult version of drinkware and ditch those plastic orange and black cups. Whether you are serving wine, champagne, or other Halloween themed beverages, these goblets, flutes and tumblers will be the perfect vessel for your spooky concoctions.


Jack O’ Lantern Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4 

Add these ghoulish and bewitching jack o’ lantern expression wine glasses to your nightly festivities. Their bell-shaped bowls are the perfect for both red or white wines.


Bats 14 oz Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Fluttering bats and old fashioned cocktails pair perfectly together in these tumbler glasses. These hand-blown glasses, although fun, are strictly for adults; try is with a Pumpkin Old Fashioned.






Modern Matte Black Stemmed Champagne Flutes

Sleek and sophisticated, these champagne flutes are perfect for bubbly drinks, belinis, or mimosas. The matte black is perfect for incorporate into your Halloween color scheme.






12 Shot Glass Flight Set with Black Acrylic Serving Tray

Sticking with the black and orange Halloween colors, this shot glass serving set is perfect for getting the party started. Fill with delicious Caramel Apple Shots or slightly gorier Zombie Brain Shots.




Amber Lewis Magdalena Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4

You don’t need to go literal for Halloween drinkware, these subtle amber stemless wine glasses add class and sophistication to your tabletop, while adding a touch of fall décor.






Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Tumbler

Don’t forget about the kiddos and their drinkware! You can choose from a ghost, pumpkin, vampire, or witch with these fun Disney Halloween themed tumblers.






Skull Shot Glasses, Set of 6

Bring a dash of spooky style to your whiskey, tequila, or vodka, with this skull shot glass collection. Great for starting the party, or to keep it going!






Skeleton Hand Champagne Glass

Need a hand? These glasses will lend you one with their creepy skeleton hand design and fluted glass. Add champagne, sparkling wine, or a Bloody Belini to these glasses.





Spooky Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 2

Great for sodas, Halloween Margaritas, and other spooky cocktails, these Halloween inspired snake and rose glasses add a poisonous touch to your party drinkware.






Godinger Owl Stemmed Glasses Goblets, Set of 4

A unique fall addition to your drinkware are these etched owl amber goblets. Adorable, yet subtly eerie alert owls and amber glass are perfect for wine or beer.  





Set of 4 Matte Black Glass Skull Drink Cup

Spooky and macabre, these skull black glasses are perfect for anything from Halloween Sangria to Witch’s Punch Brew. Best part they come with lids and straws, great for kids or clumsy adults.