Spooky Chic Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween doesn’t need to be fake blood, horror movie, or just for kids, you can create a shabby chic Halloween, that’s both elegant and spooky. Avoid the kitschy and over played black-and-orange color palette and opt for more burgundy, greens, violets and blacks, even add in a splash of gold or silver. The best part is finding the right balance between commercial and stylish. We’ve gathered some perfect pieces to add to your Halloween decorations that will add that class and chic you are looking for.


  1. Angled Design Matte Black Champagne Flute Glasses, Set of 4
  2. Preserved Bracken Fern Bunch
  3. Silver Mercury Apothecary Jars, Set of 3
  4. Spooky Decorative Human Skull Statue
  5. Vintage Dark Wood Tray with Metal Handles, Set of 2
  6. Black Wood Shadow Box Display Shelves
  7. Cauldron Bowls
  8. Metal Frame 3 Candleholder Centerpiece
  9. Hammered Black Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of 2
  10. Egyptian Cat Statue
  11. Burgundy Tapered Candle Set
  12. Round Glass Terrarium with Black Wood Base
  13. Decorative Black & Gold Pumpkins
  14. Skull Metal Napkin Holder
  15. Grapevine Spider Set of 3