Transitioning Your Home Decor from Winter to Spring

With spring slowly beginning to bud through the snowy landscape, it might be time to start transitioning your home wintery décor to bursts of springtime color and sunshine. Winter décor includes cool tones and warm mood setting, but as winter begins to melt away so will the décor of your home. Welcome Spring with adding bursts of color, natural tones and florals into your style with these helpful tips.


Adding Florals:

Spring Floral Decor

Flower patterns on pillows, throw blankets or curtains can bring that much needed floral addition to any living room or bedroom. Keeping it realistic and gathering faux floral arrangements or buying them fresh in a clear, blue, wood, or galvanized vase to keep the color theme neutral. Botanical prints are another great way to add some floral design without taking up counter or shelf space.

Bringing In The Light:

Rustic mirror

During the winter months, windows tend to be covered in heavy and dark curtains to keep the cold out. Changing heavy drapes to light linens or silk with allow more light in and add a light airy feel to the room. Adding mirrors can be another way to have the light reflect into a space, consider a wooden frame or even rustic shelves that include a mirror backing.


Wicker Everything:

Wicker Tray

A good woven basket can bring a reminder of picking wild flowers or gathering fresh vegetables. Add wicker baskets for storage of dishes, flower vases, vintage books, or linens. Wicker covered jugs, decorative trays, or even dessert cake stands.


New Colors:

Turquoise Vases

The best colors to incorporate into your new spring designs are blues, yellows, and whites from fabrics to decorative pieces to functional storage. Switch out planters, kitchen accessories, drinkware, or storage crates for splashes of springtime coloring.


Fresh Fruit:

Fruit Baskets with Fruit

If you find an empty vase, bowl, basket, or pie plate, add fresh apples, lemons, pears, or other fruits that don’t need to be refrigerated for a fresh springtime look. Don’t want your fruit to go bad? Consider using artificial fruits to add that farmer’s market feel.

Farmhouse Style:

Nothing says spring more than rustic farmhouse décor. Add a galvanized pitcher full of flowers, whitewashed anything, or some windmill wall decor for the perfect touch of rustic country-themed style.


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