Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Super bowl snacks don’t need to leave you with a grease hangover the next day, and you don’t have to just reach for the veggies and dip (although, those are always a good choice). A twist on the traditional super bowl foods, we decided to not just go healthy, but go vegan! If you tried Veganuary this year and are looking for a way to keep your healthy way of eating going, we’ve got you covered. These vegan recipes are not only easy, they will have even the most avid meat-eaters wanting more. Simple, light, and delicious, these vegan recipes will be a hit.


Vegan “Chicken” Salad

This vegan chicken salad is perfect in any lettuce boat, slider bins, toasted bread, or even on its own.


Vegan Cashew Queso

Creamy, spicy and so dippable, perfect for anything from chips to pretzels.


Buffalo Cauliflower

Who needs chicken wings when you can have these delicious (and healthy) alternative to greasy wings. Dip them in a vegan ranch or blue cheese too!


Vegan Pretzel Bites

Surprisingly already vegan, these pretzel bites are a hit! This recipe is for salty ones, but they can easily be transformed to a cinnamon pretzel bite as well.


Stuffed Potato Skins

Both vegan and gluten free, these are so tasty for anyone who has food aversions.   


Vegan Mac and Cheese Bite

These baked bites are a healthier and lighter twist on the comfort mac and cheese.


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